Collection: Longarm Quilting Designs


Longarm Quilting Services: Quilting is priced start at 1.5 cents by the square inch.
Square inches are calculated by multiplying the quilt top length X width=square inches.  Batting and Backing not included in the cost of quilting.  There is a min. charge of $45.00. 

(Example: 70” X 70” = 4900 square inches, 4900 square inches X 01.5 = $73.50)

Please call to get an estimate price for your projects.

How to Get your Quilt to Rita? Local and Shipping Information Call and schedule an appointment to meet at the shop or for shipping through USPS Priority Mail Flat rate boxes are available through the post office.  I will immediately confirm arrival of your quilt by phone or email. Please contact us by phone or email and I will send you a form by email to fill out and send with your quilt. 573-239-7358.